Let's set up your OnRent system

Lets set up your OnRent system

You've signed up and your brand new system awaits

So, you're ready to set up OnRent? OnRent prides itself on the simple setup, so you can easily navigate and personalise it to however you wish. Follow these steps below to turn your shiny new system into the perfect solution for your rental business.


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Add key company information

1. Add key company information

To tailor your OnRent system to your rental business, we can now add in your key company info.


✔ Add in your registered address, bank details, company logo and more

✔ You have the ability to administer depots (only one depot is available with the Pro Package)

✔ You can even add in your equipment metrics such as distance, weight and length measurements


For more info, read the full guide here

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3. Start managing your equipment

Now your initial settings are organised, it’s now time to start building your system with some data to really bring it to life. Start adding in your rental equipment and its key info by following the guides below.


How to add a rental product

How to create a stock level

How to add a rate type

4. Add and manage your accounts

Whether they're your suppliers, partners, customers or contractors, create an account to store contact information or start creating orders and invoices using the account. 


✔ Fill out their key company and contact information

✔ Assign account owner, type, status and industry

Add in your accounts' key contacts


Follow the full guide here for additional info

Add & manage accounts
Accounting Integrations
Do you know about our Accounting Integrations?

OnRent integrates with some of your favourite accounting solutions: Xero, Exact Online, QuickBooks Online & Sage Business Cloud!


5. Create and invoice your orders

Start creating your orders, as well as invoice directly from them! From filling out the initial details to planning your driver's route or check the distance of the delivery location, read our guides below.


Walk-through each step of creating an order

Learn how to generate an invoice for an order

Create and delete invoice batches

6. Upload your data

Now you’ve set up your company information, created products and users, it’s time to add your data!


✔ You can add each record individually using the web interface

✔ For larger imports, create all data at once using OnRent's import data tool

✔ You can even export your data and customer views

Upload your data
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Quick Tip:

The default on the import for Product Stock Type is Bulk, if you want to import Products make sure you specify, Bulk, Serialized or Non-Stock.


7. Start using your system!

It’s all starting to come together! Make sure your team is brushed up on the basics of the system.


✔ Before your trial ends, make sure your card details are in

✔ We'll automatically move you to the paid plan and keep your data

✔ You’re part of the family now!

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Learning a new system doesn’t need to be a challenge. With our handy guides and product tours to show you the ropes, you’ll pick it up in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free OnRent trial today - no credit card required.